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Curta-metragem erótico de Marlin Monroe de 1948

Mais um [stag] filme de Marlin Monroe continua em disputa. Também datado de 1948, esse curta-metragem erótico de 16mm mostra [a Monroe-ringer screwing a mustached man on a couch]. De acordo com a história de capa da Penthouse de 1980, uma impressão foi descoberta nessa ano por um fotógrafo sueco e subsequentemente publicada em revistas adultas e tablóides mundo afora.

"Here, in grainy celluloid," Penthouse wrote next to copious frame-enlargements, "may well be the still unglamorized sex goddess the public never knew, before plastic surgeons, stylists, and designers transformed her into the mythical Marilyn Monroe. It's a thought to fire the imagination of every man who ever dreamed of her, a fantasy come to fruition." Another print of probably the same film garnered headlines in industry trades when it surfaced at a Spanish festival for film collectors in 1997.

Those who argue the actress is Monroe point to declassified FBI files from 1965 detailing that Joe DiMaggio offered $25,000 for a print of a "French-type" movie depicting Monroe "in unnatural acts with an unknown male."

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